Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Midnight Treat by Becca Simone

Title: Midnight Treat
Author: Becca Simone
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre/Theme: Halloween/contemporary
Length: 77 pages
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Synopsis- When Cassie attends a Halloween party she doesn’t expect a dark lover to follow her home in a case of mistaken identity. She ends up in the middle of someone else’s fantasy, a fantasy that makes her question her self-image as an undesirable woman. Can she be brave enough to break the hold of an old lover and find her own fantasies?

Review- No tricks just sweet heat. Becca Simone’s Midnight Treat is a sensual pleasure that drew me in from the first sentence. Her characters are well drawn; her story is believable, funny and clever; and the chemistry between the main characters is naughty and incredibly sexy. My only problem was that I wanted more. Ms. Simone’s short story is definitely worth the read if you’re looking for a tasty bit of Halloween delight.

Rating: 4.5 whips
Heat Level: Erotic
Other: anal, light spanking, and exhibition

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