Friday, October 2, 2009

Dreams of the Past by Stephanie Barmann

Title: Dreams Of The Past
Author: Stephanie Barmann
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Published date: Sept 21,2009
Genre/Theme: romance
Length: 87 pages
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Janelle and Jake fall in love after meeting one another in a interesting way driven by dreams that match. Jake goes off to war in Iraq and returns not the same man. Janelle waits for him and tries to make his homecoming a joyful one but he rejects her efforts. She introduces him to his baby son. The couple faces many issues but find a way to resolve them through the similar dreams that haunt them and the love for each other.

The story had an interesting twist that left me turning the pages. The characters developed nicely and became so real. Janelle was a delight; Jake a true soldier who lost his buddy and you could feel his pain. The characters in both of their dreams, Regina and Charles came to life as well. The plot was different but interesting to say the least. I liked it but thought the author could have elaborated more on a few of the scenes. Some seemed to be cut short.

I recommend this book as an interesting read that was well done.

Rating: Four Whips
Heat Level: sensual
Other: m/f/m, f/f, m/m, m/m/f, anal play, voyeurism, BDSM
Reviewer: Jennifer Robins

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