Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Marksman (Nanook Warriors Book 2) by Mary Winters

Title: The Marksman Nanook Warriors Book 2
Author: Mary Winters
Publisher: Pink Petal Books
Pub Date: 2009
ISBN# 978-0-9824885-8-4
Genre: Paranormal/shape shifting/erotic
Length: 129
Review:Deep into Norway's Arctic area, the European forces are trying to prevent toxicdumping and patrol the location's odd happenings. Cameron is brought in for herexperience as a tracker and her conections. One of two women in the complex,she focuses on her mission but finds herself attracted to Kjell Tivet, a fellowsoldier. There is more to the Arctic than meets the eye, just as Cameron Kjellhave their own secrets. Will the revelations push them apart or draw themtogether?
The Marksman is a shifter story and I'm a fan of shifters. I've never read oneabout polar bears so it was very new to me, although it is part of a series. Paranormal always asks for a stretch of the imagination and on occasion whilereading I felt I had to stretch a bit far but I enjoyed it for the most part. All the men are very male and the sex scenes were delicious and prevalent. Igive it three and a half whips because even for the stretching, I did like it and would recommend it to someone who wants a new face on their shifters.
Rating: 3 ½ Whips
Heat Level: explicit
Other: oral, ménage, m/m/f
Reviewer: StephB

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