Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Princess Slave by Sara York

Title: Princess Slave
Author: Sara York
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Published date:07/08
Genre/Theme: Fantasy Erotic
Length: 79 pgs
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Princess Ava Timna is prisoner of the king of Zebulun, doomed to become his sex slave. Escape means certain death but staying only delays the inevitable—the loss of her virginity. To her people, her virginity is sacred, something to be treasured and given as a gift to her future husband. Wedding King Ean isn't an option as he's rough, known for defiling women and casting them aside. She expects abuse and harshness at his hands, yet his gentle touch leaves her breathless and aching for more. Could she be attracted to him?

King Ean of Zubulun has a secret—he’s actually Jaron, Ean's identical twin on a mission to restore order and honor to the planet he loves. Keeping Ava prisoner weighs on his conscious. Returning her to her people would blow his cover and result in their deaths. Keeping her means giving in to the lustful fire burning in his loins, knowing all the while he's lying to the one woman he wishes could be more than his princess slave.

Sara brought her world to life in this scifi short story. Ava is a believable and likable heroine, while Jaron is a yummy hero. When the two get together the lust fest is on! The scenes are juicy, vivid, and descriptive--not much imagination required. It read like a much longer book, even though its packed into 79 pages. The author did an excellent job of bringing to life her characters in such a short time, and of tying up any loose ends. I would recommend this read to anyone looking for reason to get their (and perhaps a partner's) pulse rate up!

Rating: 4 whips

Heat Level: Erotic

Other: explicit language, masturbation, voyeurism, m/f/f, erotic body piercings, light bondage, shaving

Reviewer: Olivia

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