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Hearts Afire Anthology: October by Darragha Foster & Tracy Sharp

Title: Hearts Afire (Anthology): October
Author: Darragha Foster, Tracy Sharp
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Published Date: 10/2009
ISBN: 978-1-59578-610-4
Genre/Theme: Erotic Anthology
Length: 109 Pages
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Blurb: Consumed - Darragha FosterBen Storms knows fire. A hot shot, he’s not afraid to fight fire with fire and walk into the belly of a blaze to put it out. Only one thing has ever frightened him—how he feels about Hadyn O’Hara, a fellow firefighter. The largest wildland fire in decades brings them together for a hot time. Too bad Fire is a jealous bitch and doesn’t want to share Ben. Hadyn breathes in the spirit of Fire after an injury and sets Ben’s heart ablaze—with dire consequences to them both.

Review: I've read other books with firefighters as main characters. Yet, this story went into more detail about the job and the feelings the firefighters experience when doing their job. There is a touch of paranormal elements in this story that put a twist in the adventure of Ben and Hadyn. Personally, this was a little too dark for me. I'd still like to read this author in the future.

Burning Souls - Tracy SharpNewspaper reporter Mia Nolan has a dark past. She stays out of trouble and under the radar working the crime beat, until a serial firebug brings her own dark past back to haunt her. Suddenly Mia’s is having psychic visions about local fires while they are happening.Mia’s visions bring her face to face with the fireman who rescued her from the fire that killed her two younger sisters eleven years ago. A fire started deliberately by her mother. Seeing Josh Waters again brings back bad memories, as well as her resentment toward him for rescuing her but not being able to save her sisters. Yet a fire is ignited within her. Their attraction is undeniable. Hot desire burns within them as they come together to try to stop a twisted mind from murdering again.

Review: These two characters, Mia and Josh, struck a nerve with me. I don't know if it was their background they shared. They just wormed their way into my heart. There is definitely some twists and turns in the plot that will have your head spinning, just a little. Don't worry, things do get resolved. You'll just have to pick up the book to see how it ends. Definitely, would love to read more of Tracy Sharp's work in the future.

Rating: 4 Whips
Heat Level: Explicit
Other: Several sex scenes, anal play/intercourse
Reviewer: Roberta

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