Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Table for Three by Missy Martine

Title: Table For Three
Author: Missy Martine
Publisher: Siren Publishing, Inc
Published date: November 2009
ISBN: 1-60601-548-6
Genre/Theme: Contemporary Ménage
Length: 220 pages
Review: After her abusive marriage ends Cass finds herself the sole heir to her long lost uncle’s house and fortune. Cass goes to the small town of Mountain Vista in Oregon to settle the estate. As Cass begins to try and settle all of her affairs her lawyer Oliver Barton III begins to try and romance her. Being newly divorced from an abusive husband Cass has no thoughts of the romantic kind at all. That is until she meets Matthew Carlisle and his twin brother David. Both young men have always shared women in the past and when they tried going their separate ways it only led to heartache. Once they meet Cass Matt and David decide that they both have feelings for her and want to be with and share Cass forever. The only problem is convincing Cass that it is ok to love both of them. It is hard enough getting Cass to open up to them but they also have her lawyer to contend with and his secretary Serena who would like Cass to believe that the two are taken by none other than Serena herself. The closeness between Matt and David was a great thing to see and I enjoyed watching Cass bloom from a scared and shy girl into the confident woman she turns into. As the bond grows between Cass and the two brothers she begins to understand just what a real relationship is supposed to be. The love that forms between them is a wonderful thing to see.Cass must learn to trust and love again. Will Matt and David be able to show Cass and convince her before it is to late? Missy Martine writes weaves a beautiful story in Table For Three. This story is a wonderful read and should not be missed. I was hooked from the first page. I will certainly be looking for more books to come from this author.
Rating: 5 Whips
Heat Level: Erotic
Other: m/f/m, m/f, anal play
Reviewer: Gabrielle

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